ObstaSplash 5km inflatable obstacle course info
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What is ObstaSplash?

ObstaSplash is an all new Australian grown and operated 5km inflatable obstacle course suitable for all levels (ages 13 upwards). Held over a weekend ObstaSplash we’ll be visiting the ACT, NSW, QLD, SA and VIC during 2016. This is an untimed event with the emphasis on fun. The course is best completed with your mates for the ultimate laugh, and for extra giggles why not try it in Fancy Dress?

The Obstacles and Course

The course spans 3-5km on flat terrain. There’s no mud, just inflatables, slides, fun and Dance Stations. With a relaxed party atmosphere you tackle around 15 inflatable obstacles spaced 300-400 meters apart including our ObstaMaze, ObstaScream, ObstaBlueBalls, and ObstaDance stations.

Visit our Obstacle page for a list of the current obstacles.

Ticket prices

Tickets start at the early bird of $55. Ticket costs are fully inclusive with no hidden fees or charges

Dates / venues

Melbourne - 30th April & 1st May @ Moonee Valley Racecourse. Book Now

SA Oakbank - 3rd & 4th December @ Oakbank Racecourse. Book Now


Please feel free to contact us with any questions.